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Viridian Jewel
 · Place into an allocated Jewel Socket on the Passive Skill Tree. Right click to remove from the Socket. 1 Weight of Sin Weight of Sin Viridian Jewel (15-20)% increased Chaos Damage 15% reduced Movement Speed Corrupted Ill will is the greatest of burdens. 1
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Crimson Jewel
 · Item Atziri’s Reign Atziri’s Reign Crimson Jewel Limited to: 2 (15-20)% increased Vaal Skill Effect Duration Corrupted Atziri went to great lengths to ensure her immortality, but nothing is eternal. Place into an allocated Jewel Socket on the Passive Skill Tree. Right
All three of these jewel sockets can reach Glancing Blows with a Thread of Hope. : pathofexile
Straddling Jewel Doublet
Update on 24.02.2021: The Jewel only gives +5 movement speed instead of 13 Comment by sattva69 This gem has some kind of diminishing return, here is what I get with it: 1 socket = 13 speed (1.30%) >>> gives 13 rating per socket 2 sockets = 25 speed (2.50
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Alfred Jewel
The Alfred Jewel is about 2 1 ⁄ 2 inches (6.4 cm) long and is made of filigreed gold, enclosing a highly polished tear-shaped piece of clear quartz “rock crystal”, beneath which is set a cloisonné enamel plaque, with an image of a man, perhaps Christ, with ecclesiastical symbols., with ecclesiastical symbols.
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Socket System
Socket System en Mu Online Escrito por RobertMS Jueves, 20 de Mayo de 2010 16:57 Descripción general del sistema Se Agrega opciones adicionales en los socket del los items.
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The dragon-like head at the base of the jewel holds in its mouth a cylindrical socket, within which the actual pointer – perhaps made of ivory – would have been held in place by a rivet. The figure represented in delicate colours in cloisonné enamel on a plaque protected by the rock crystal may represent the sense of sight, an appropriate image for an object intended to help with reading.
Socket a Cluster Jewel PoE Challenge
Socket System – MU Online
Jewel of Chaos 1 Jewel of Creation 1 Zen 1,000,000 Seed Sphere When it’s successful : A seed sphere will be created. Once this is mounted to a socket item, it will give item a special options. The better quality the sphere has, the stronger option it will STEP 4.
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PoE Cluster Jewel Recipe Vendor Changes 3.13 Balance …

The Jewel socket modifiers will no longer be rollable suffixes. As a result of this, the chance for rolling notables will be slightly increased. This change also means that although having three notables is the optimal outcome, having two notables will always be useful as you’ll be pathing through them to get to the sockets.
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Official 3rd-party [MU Online] Fan Site and Game Guide! [Jewel of Life Option] Upgrade A [Jewel of Life] can add defferent [+Additional Options] based on the type of item it is used on. Placing a [Jewel of Life] on an item may bind or upgrade [+Jewel of Life Option
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Large Cluster Jewel
Show Full Descriptions Voices Large Cluster Jewel Adds 3 Jewel Socket Passive Skills (Added Passive Skills are never considered to be in Radius by other Jewels) Adds 7 Small Passive Skills which grant nothingCorrupted Voices Large Cluster Jewel Adds 3 Jewel Socket Passive Skills
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Medium Cluster Jewel
1 Added Passive Skill is a Jewel Socket Added Small Passive Skills grant: # Place into an allocated Jewel Socket on the Passive Skill Tree. Right click to remove from the Socket. DropLevel 1 BaseType Medium Cluster Jewel Class Jewel Type Metadata/Items
House:Jewel Star Blossom
1 Reagent or Socket Wrench 1 Snack 1 Jewel 1 Star Blossom Seed Chance of 1 Housing Item (not Wrench) Chance of 1 Pet Chance of 1 Seed (other Jewel type) Growth Speed Modifiers Modifier Items +5% Tropical Garden Gnome +15% Botanical Gardens,
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Timeless Jewel Guide (PoE Harvest 3.11)
 · If you are interested in looking at what stats a jewel provides without respeccing your build to do so, a quick and easy way to do so is to create a PvP-only Scion with a fresh tree, letting you quickly access any jewel socket on the tree. This can be particularly
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Merc Vamp Gaze Socket Help
 · d2jsp Forums > Diablo II > Diablo 2 Discussion > Player vs. Monster > Merc Vamp Gaze Socket Help Add Reply New Topic New Poll Views: 162 Replies: 3 …
Wizard101's Socketing and Jewels: A Guide | Swordroll's Blog | Wizard101 & Pirate101
Path Of Exile: 10 Best Cluster Jewel Notables, Ranked
 · While it is not a traditional notable, it takes a Cluster Jewel socket and is currently exclusive to this system. Unarmed users will have a field day with this Keystone. You gain flat Physical Damage per 10 Dexterity points, attack 60% faster, and count as Dual Wielding while you have no items in …
 · Caster Items Crafted Item Recipe Fixed Attributes Helm Helm + Jewel + NEF + Perfect Amethyst (2-5)% Mana Stolen Per Hit +(10-20)% Faster Cast Rate +(10-20) To Mana Amulet Amulet + Jewel + RAL + Perfect Amethyst +(5-10)% Faster Cast Rate Regenerate
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